PHP Form Generator based on phpMyEdit

Requirements: LAMP or WAMP server environments with PHP 5+ and MySQL™ 5+ installed, plus a basic understanding of how to use PHP, MySQL™, and phpMyAdmin to create MyISAM type database tables.

The file name convention applied: draft.database.table.toggle.php. The intent is that users open and then rename the file (removing draft.) before modifying the script.

There are nearly 100 CSS styles unique to phpMyEdit which are not implemented. Use your browser to view source code and locate various style classes if necessary. Certain styles are applied here in order to over-ride a few Bootstrap v4.0.0-alpha.5 styles.

Prior to modifying the configuration files, users are encouraged to make a backup copy.

This PHP Form Generator is probably the fastest way to create forms required to interact with MySQL™ database records. This application works with MyISAM tables where column 0 is the primary key or a unique key.

This application does not handle INNODB type tables unless they are simple tables. This application does not handle tables where a combination of two or more columns comprise the primary key.

Features of phpMyEdit forms include: list records, search / query records, add record, view record, change / update record, copy record, and delete record. Most users need little else, though advanced features exist which include change_log usage, triggers, and basic Javascript RegEx validation. Dozens of language files exist to control labels displayed on INPUT buttons based on the language preference of the user's web browser.

phpMyEdit free version

phpMyEdit is a mature Open Source PHP scripting utility which you might call a MySQL™ table editor, form generator, or PHP script builder. As a mature Open Source PHP script, phpMyEdit is no longer under active development however bug fixes are occasionally applied to files residing in the phpMyEdit CVS Repository.

phpMyEdit is very powerful, saving users countless hours of hand coding custom PHP scripts. It works very well for what it was intended to accomplish. Most of the Feature Requests found in the phpMyEdit Forum are unlikely to be implemented anytime soon, as most requests are simply beyond the intended phpMyEdit scope.

phpMyEdit requires MyISAM type tables having a structure such that the first column in the table (MySQL™ Column 0) is the primary key field (usually an auto incremented integer field).

phpMyEdit works well with MyISAM type tables. phpMyEdit was not intended to work with complex INNODB tables, foreign keys, or tables having multiple key columns. phpMyEdit expects the first column to be the unique identifier, either an auto_increment column or a UNIQUE key column.

phpMyEdit can be downloaded from After making a few forms and becoming familiar with phpMyEdit, users are encouraged to download the latest version of the class file from the phpMyEdit CVS Repository.

If the first column in your MySQL™ table is an auto increment integer field (or a field which otherwise contains unique values) phpMyEdit works very well for just about everyone. phpMyEdit supports many native MySQL™ Functions (e.g. CONCAT, FROM_UNIXTIME, DATE_FORMAT) as well as validation of user input via Javascript regular expressions.

Those of you who seek to create MySQL™ tables will often use either phpMyAdmin (supplied by most web hosts) or Adminer.

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